Mold Base
DME standard Precision plastic injection mould base

Injection Mold Base
1,consistent quality control
2,made-to-order service available
3,Material:S50C,HSS M-2, SKH

Product Description

1. Standard mould base/ die base include:
Side gate system standard mould base: AI, BI, CI, DI, AH, BH, CH, DH, AT, BT, CT, DT type.
Three plate type system standard mould base: FAI FAH FCI FCH GAI GAH GCI GCH type.
Pin point gate standard mould base: DAI DBI DCI DDI EAI EBI ECI EDI DAH DBH DCH DDH EAH EBH ECH EDH
With different sizes.

2. Material: S45C~S50C. (We can also use the material requested by customer)
3. From design, producing, inspection to delivery experts provide a total solution
4. 100% incoming materail inspection and outgoing products inspection.
5. Advances High-technologic Machines to assure you the quality.
6. Prompt delivery and competitive price
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